Monday, August 22, 2011

Currently Watching - Love Buffet and Sunshine Angel

Love Buffet

I would have to admit first that I do have a thing for the Fahrenheit boys (as well as JVKV) from the Taiwanese groups.  JVKV has gotten me started on this whole asian drama thing, (with Vic Zhou playing Huaze Lei) and Wu Zun in his shirtless roles... hahaha.  I also admit that the acting chops of the Fahrenheit boys are not yet very well honed, but I do think they will get there.  They are still young and are more into idol drama roles anyway (wherein we watch more for eye candy than actual plotline and acting chops).  I have just started to watch this and so far... it is very entertaining.

This is another idol drama and I would like to say that Rainie has done a great job in portraying her role here... So did Wu Zun, however, it makes me wonder if he is being typecasted.  His role here is reminiscent of his role in Romantic Princess (ultra rich guy falling for the poor girl, had to cope with being penniless for a while)... Anyway, even if he is, he looks good in the suits, as well as in the baths he takes... hahaha... another one for those who enjoy eye candy... and you would definitely get a toothache from watching this. ^^

Kdrama Obsession - My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Needless to say, I have gotten a bit addicted to Hyun Bin... not primarily for how he looks (but he does look good)... but more so for how he portrays his characters.  I loved him in Secret Garden and then started looking up on the past dramas he had done... Was I ever surprised to find out that he was the lead in Kim Sam Soon.  I had skipped watching this drama since I had always known I would get around to watching it (this was shown prior to my kdrama addiction).  I had known that this was a good drama, but I didn't know who Hyun Bin was at the time.  At any rate, after reading so much positive reviews, I had decided to check it out and I have to say, I was not disappointed. :-)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kpop Obsession 9 - Kim Jaejoong

A few years ago, as I was incessantly browsing for information about Kim Hyun Joong, I got curious about Kim Jaejoong (when he and Hyun Joong went to Canada together). They were pretty good friends andI started reading up on him and his group (DBSK at the time). I started watching videos, and then I was hooked. I do think that DBSK is a pretty hard group to beat. They are really talented as a team, and they are very easy on the eyes too... Too easy in fact. ^^

At any rate, I started to listen to a lot of Jaejoong's songs, specially the ones that he had written lyrics for and I totally loved Insa (the OST for A Millionaire's First Love). He is really funny to watch when he is doing variety shows. He speaks what is on his mind, which is utterly ridiculous at times yet still adorably cute. He is a talented composer, really great singer, decent dancer (dancing is really not one of his strong points) and he is a good "hyung" to his members Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ). I liked that he stood up for what he believed in and hoped for the best (DBSK split) and I adore that he totally interacts with his fans thru twitter. Now, this is not to say that I am disregarding how he looks, coz you do have to admit, he may not be all that tall, but his face... his arms... abs... chest... pretty much his entire upper body... is soooo HOT! I can't say about the lower parts since I haven't exactly seen that looks like.

Enough spazzing... there is a whole trove of information about on the net and he does have a lot of pics (since they were the most photographed celebs in 2008) on the net so I would suggest you look for info if you are curious and you are sure to like the man. I do recommend that you listen to Insa, Wasurenaide, In Heaven... just a couple of the songs he composed... but if you're into Kpop, and you understand the lyrics (it can be googled if you want English translations)... I'm pretty sure you will love his songs and the man behind it.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Cozy Li'l Corner: [Trans] Young Saeng Met Taiwainese Fans Via Webcam...

I am loving HyunSaeng moments... And I love what Saengie said.. Do read Liezle's post...

My Cozy Li'l Corner: [Trans] Young Saeng Met Taiwainese Fans Via Webcam...: "Here's an article I lifted from Soompi regarding the live web chat of Young Saeng last Saturday. Thanks much jaychieh028 for sharing. ..." / jaychieh028

My Cozy Li'l Corner: [Vid & Media Pix] Hyun Joong in M! Countdown 07.21...

My Cozy Li'l Corner: [Vid & Media Pix] Hyun Joong in M! Countdown 07.21...: "Whoa! Hyun Joong is looking so cute in today's M! Countdown 'Kiss Kiss' performance! Wearing that kind of specs makes him look like Ha..."


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kpop Obsession 8 - JYJ In Heaven

I came across the fancam of this song in one of the forums for Jaejoong and I fell in love with the song.  From what I have read, this is about the guy who is missing the girl he loves (she has passed away).  It has reminded me of an old DBSK song (which incidentally, Jaejoong also wrote) INSA.  Anyway, here is the translation to the lyrics so that we know what the song means, and I am also embedding the fancam in case anyone wants to listen.

Wiping away the miracle of seeing you
I won’t be able to live on
Even when I’ve escaped from every dream
The first time I saw your image
It felt like i was drowning in the raindrops of this world

From where am I watching you?
Even if there’s regret, there’s really no way of seeing you
Memory of a shadow
Moistness of a name
It’s there in that little memory

I can’t do it, really can’t do it
It’s like you’re by my side
Not waiting, I’m not waiting anymore
I’ll try again to say something
I’ll try again to leave some memory
Walking in the dreamscape
In my footsteps
Afraid to close my eyes

Don’t go, don’t leave
Can’t you remain by my side
Lies, all are lies
I can’t hear anything
Love you, I love you
Can’t you see that from one single line
Love you, I love you
Will you love me again

So fast, you have already clean forgotten
the tracks of finding you have also disappeared

This last path, adheres closely to my tears
again I inch a little closer (again it’s about the same)

(I’ve also changed)
You’re not here by my side
I’m going to go now
I’m going to go
Now i’m going to follow your path
Follow an endless path
Going everywhere to find you
I’m afraid that losing her will bring sadness

Don’t go, don’t leave
can’t you remain by my side
lies, all are lies
i can’t hear anything
love you, i love you
can’t you see that from one single line
love you, i love you
will you love me again

don’t go, don’t go, can you remain here
lies, lies, i can’t hear
i love you, i love you, can you see that
i love you, i love you, will you love me

don’t go, don’t go, can you remain here
lies, lies, i can’t hear
i love you, i love you, can you see that
i love you, i love you, will you love me

don’t go, don’t go, can you remain here
lies, lies, i can’t hear
i love you, i love you, can you see that
i love you, i love you, will you love me
I beg you, come back to me

don’t go, don’t leave
can’t you remain by my side
lies, all are lies
i can’t hear anything
love you, i love you
can’t you see that from one single line
love you, i love you
will you love me again

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Thai Movie

Title: First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
AKA: Sing Lek Lek Thee Riak Wa ΓΓ鼪 Ruk
Year : 2010
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Director : Putthiphong Promsakha na Sakon Nakhon and Wasin Pokpong
Country: Thailand
Audio: Thai
Subtitle: none
Starring : Mario Muarer, Pimchanok Luewisedpaiboon, Tukkie

This is the first Thai movie that I have seen.  Upon recommendations from various friends, I took a chance and watched it.  It was a very simple story about being young and in love.  It is sooo full of the cuteness and it truly reminds you of the things you did in the past for your school crush.  The story may have been amazingly simple but it speaks to the audience about how real it can be.  It may seem a bit far-fetched that they were both able to wait 9 years... However, it does say that this is based on a true story, so may, it can happen right?  This is what I love about this genre, it places hope on love...

Did I mention that Mario Maurer is amazingly cute? Well.... He is... but it makes me feel guilty finding him cute since he is so young... I might be guilty of jailtime...

You can watch it here at kshowloveholic.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

KDrama Obsession 10 - Heaven's Postman

I would have to say that Kim Jaejoong looked much to yummy to be a postman... Be it for heaven or not. I did however, like the storyline. It is too unrealistic and too farfetched for it to come true. But I also feel that this is what keeps us hoping and believing in "happy ever afters".

"If someone asks you, Have we met before? In my dream?" It may not be just another line, it may be destiny... Hahaha

Watch here

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kpop Obsession 7 - Heo Young Saeng's Rainy Heart

I would just like to share this to other girls who would like to listen to this song... ENJOY!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kdrama Obsession 9 - Millionaire's First Love

I have fallen in love with Hyun Bin when I watched Secret Garden.  I hadn't planned on watching this movie since I didn't really like how he looked here.  However, I still did since reviews say that it's a good one.  It is a truly sad movie, reminiscent of A Walk to Remember and The Ultimate Gift.  There weren't much of the cutesy scenes that I really love to watch when watching anything Korean.  However, this movie had me glued to my screen and crying buckets... my eyes are now dry and I can see what I am typing but I do recommend this movie to those who like to watch movies with meaning...

You can watch with English Subs here

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kdrama Obsession 8 - City Hunter

This new series of Lee Min Ho has go me totally hooked... enough to actually patiently wait for each episode to load on my laptop and watch.  But once you start watching you would understand...

Here are the reasons I like watching this:

1.  The storyline is really very well developed and paced.  The background, the mix of action, drama and cute romantic scenes are just right and always leaves me wanting to watch more after each episode.

2.  The supporting actors are good as a foil that makes this story really believable (almost believable)...

3.  Most importantly, Lee Min Ho is so hot, and cute and adorable and such a man in this series, it would be a miracle if you are female and you don't fall for his charm...

So enjoy watching here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kpop Obsession 6 - Kim Hyun Joong's New Video

The video is now available on youtube thru the official channel of CJ E&M Music.  I have embedded the video here, please like on youtube. :-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

We Got Married Season 1

I do love Ssangchu Couple.  They were so good together and I really do think that they were truly being themselves.  None of the fake sweetness... they do act naturally... the way 2 people do act when they are forced to be together by circumstances.  They went on their own pace... awkwardness and all.  I do love how they were considerate of each other's situation and how Hwang Bo takes care of Hyun Joong.  I also love how Hyun Joong still becomes the man in the relationship despite her being older by 6 years.  Other couples were fun to watch too...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kdrama Obsession 7

Secret Garden

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

This is the first time I have actually watched a romantic comedy from both of these actors and I just gotta say... they are both nailing their respective roles.  Hyun Bin as the self-centered, pompous, rich man-child is utterly adorable.  You will have a love-hate relationship with his character.  He has moments when you wish he is in front of you so you can hug him or kiss him for being sooo cute... but most of the time, you will wish he is in front of you so you can smack him on the head for the stupid things he says and does.  Ha Ji Won is also killing it as an action freak woman, her character is physically strong and she can really pull-off those action sequences really well, but her soft personality and inferiority complex is very real that we can relate to her easily.  I have not yet really finished watching since work is getting in the way, but I do feel that the storyline and the acting of the two leads will keep me very entertained. 

Click here to watch on mysoju (with english subs)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Without Words - You're Beautiful OST

This is the English translation of the lyrics to Without Words... I love this song so much which was from the drama You're Beautiful.  You get to hear it a lot during the drama and has a version that was sung by Jang Geun Suk and another one by Park Shin Hye.  I love the meaning of the words... Listen to it and read...
This is the version sung by Park Shin Hye
This one is the version sung by Jang Geun Suk
I shouldn’t have done that,
I should have pretended not to know
like I didn’t see it, like I couldn’t see it
I shouldn’t have looked at you in the first place
I should have run away
I should have pretended I wasn’t listening
like I didn’t hear it, like I couldn’t hear it
I shouldn’t have heard your love in the first place
Without a word, you made me know what love is
Without a word, you gave me your love
Made me fill myself with your every breath
Then you ran away
Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love abandons me
Wondering what to say next
My lips were surprised
It came without a word
Why does it hurt so much?
Why does it hurt continuously?
Except for the fact that I can’t see you anymore, and that you’re not here anymore
otherwise, it’ll be just the same like before
Without a word, you made me know what love is
Without a word, you gave me your love
Made me fill myself with your every breath
Then you ran away
Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love abandons me
Wondering what to say next
My lips were surprised
Without a word, tears starts falling down
Without a word, my heart is broken
Without a word, I waited for love
Without a word, love hurts me
I’ve become transparent, I’ve become a fool
and I cry just by looking at the sky
Without a word, separation finds me
Without a word, the end comes to me
It tool my heart by surprised
To send you away unexpectedly
It came without a word
Without a word, love appears
Without a word, love vanishes
Like a fever I’ve had, maybe all I have to do is hurt for a while
Because in the end, the only thing that remains are scars

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kpop Obsession 5

Jung Yong Hwa
Lead Vocals for C.N. Blue
Kang Shin Woo in You're Beautiful

I have honestly never heard of C.N. Blue before I have seen You're Beautiful.  Only after I watched it did I find out that he is also in a band and their songs are pretty much ok.  I seem to have this thing for second leads.  It is so disarming how they always end up in the friend zone but they do not give up on what they feel.  When he has accepted that he can only be a friend to Park Shin Hye's character in the series, it was very admirable.  Although his character really did drag on a bit about the confession thing.  I think it was in Episode 6 during the Myungdong "semi-date" that they had was his moment.  It was the moment when he could have really won her heart... it was also the moment when "the ship has sailed".  

It was also very enjoyable to watch his semi-married life with SNSD's Seohyun in We Got Married.  He was very mature and manly and dependable.  He had epitomized the "oppa" figure during that stint (as opposed to the younger man image of Kim Hyun Joong to Hwang Bo).

He is cute (on the smallish side), but he does the rockstar look very well when performing onstage. I suppose everyone knows how to google and youtube, so just look him up and watch.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kdrama Obsession 6

You're Beautiful

Jang Geun Suk
Park Shin Hye
Jung Yong Hwa
Lee Hong Ki

This is the drama series that got me addicted to Jang Geun Suk.  After watching this, I had to look for the rest of his movies and dramas and watched it.  He certainly delivered on those glares... and his snobbishness is utterly adorable.  You will know that he is the good guy trying to be bad to put up a wall around him.  For a change, he has mommy issues (since most drama heroes have daddy issues) to blame for this wall.  It is just a shame that the ratings did not soar when it showed in Korea since it was competing with IRIS.  However, I really think that this drama was underrated and did not get the attention it truly deserved.  It was a refreshing look at the kpop idol phenomenon and it was a really fun and engaging story.  Jang Geun Suk rocked the Hwang Tae Kyung character and his looks really matched the character well...

I can say no more... just watch if you can... 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kdrama Obsession 5

Mary Stayed Out All Night or Marry Me Mary
Moon Geun Young
Jang Geun Suk

This is the Kdrama series that I am trying to finish right now.  I just gotta say, Jang Geun Suk is rocking this hippie style, though he looks really girl-like with long hair.  I love how this series is so far-fetched and out of touch with reality.  It is like a child's fairy tale story, one that we know does not exist, but it makes us believe in it anyway.  I can't help but feel hope in finding love again... Why don't you try watching it?

Click here to watch with English Subs

TVXQ Wedding Photoshoot on Heroes

Who doesn't want to b pretend brides to these men? I would have a really hard time stopping myself from staring...forming coherent sentences...and generally being civilized...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kpop Obsession 4

Ahh... This guy is the one that got me addicted to kpop... and right now, watching one of his old videos, when he was a guest in Family Outing I (eps 64 and 65)... He looked so bashful when talking to Lee Hyori.  It's so cute that he doesn't hesitate to let everyone know of his admiration for this woman and how cute and shy he is around her.  It's so disarming how he looks at her... Makes the rest of us wish that we were in her place huh?

Kpop Obsession 2

I can't get enough of TVXQ... I am now re-watching old videos that I have downloaded (back when there were still 5 of them).  I really love how they perform as a group... and I love this song:

This performance was during their Five in the Black Tour in Budokan and it was the first time they have performed in a big venue in Japan.  I chose to upload this with comments from the 5 of them (including all the teasing since Yuchun and Junsu were both crying, Yunho was holding back tears, Jaejoong was smiling at his dongsaengs and Max was just being Max...) (=v=)

Kpop Obsession 3

I have always been fascinated by tattoos and the meaning they hold for those who have it.  I personally would not want to have it on myself (for aesthetic purposes, and I am scared of needles)... But I really am interested with those who have it, specially if they are cute boys like the ones below:

too fast to live too young to die on G Dragon

vita dolce on one arm and moderato on the other

I don't really know what stuff Jaejoong had written here, I can just see Dong Bang Shin Ki of course, Soul, and Hope to the end.. the G clef signs on both ends are also words, one says "The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor" and "A song will outlive sermons in the memory"...

He also has "Always keep the faith" on his left chest, close to his heart, probably a sign to all Cassies out there that he is DBSK at heart... Yuchun has the same one at the same place... Cute huh?

He has new ones on his lower back, but I think those are names of Junsu amd Yuchun... What do you think?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kpop Obsession 1

When you read my posts on this blog, anybody can tell that I am currently obsessed (just a teeny bit) with Max Changmin of TVXQ.  Probably due to my having recently watched Paradise Meadow, or probably because I have noticed that he is so far off from what he looks like and what he was when TVXQ was just starting out.  Anyway, just to feed a little bit of my obsession, here are some pics...

My apologies if I am not able to credit sources for the pictures, I have already lost track of where I had gotten them... 

Heroes Ep 37

TVXQ were guests on Heroes Ep 37 as grooms during the wedding photoshoot.  The boys didn't do much except stand around and be their gorgeous selves.  It was really amusing though when they were teasing Changmin about IU.  Hongchul mentioned that in the dressing room, when they mentioned IU's name, Yunho was surprised, looked at Max and they had this secret exchange of some sort.  Does Max like IU?  That would be utterly adorable... (^^)  If you watch the episode, you will notice that during the selection of ladies they will be doing the shoot with, Max had no problem whatsoever looking all 3 ladies in the eye (aside from Bongsun spitting on him accidentally).  However, when it was time to look at IU in the eye, he was the one who couldn't last, and hurriedly looked down (still in a really charming way I might add).  Anyway, here are the videos with (just the part with TVXQ in it).  Enjoy (^^) /

Summer & Love - KyuSaeng

I had just finished watching this and although it is really short and their acting is still raw... I did love the message of the video and the resort where they shot this in.  One of these days, I will have enough to spend my vacation in Eskaya, Panglao Island, Bohol.

I love how in this video, Kyu is being more forward and Saengie is being shy.  Also, I was laughing when Kyu was dragging Saeng out for a drink... I don't think Saeng would tolerate that coming from a dongsaeng and I don't think Kyu would drag his hyung out...  All in all.... it's about friendship and how important that bond is.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kdrama Obsession 2

Paradise Ranch
a.k.a. Paradise Meadow / Paradise Farm
Shim Changmin
Lee Yeon Hee
Yoo Ha Na
Joo Sang Wook

This is the first attempt of Max into acting.  Since this is the first time that he has ever acted lengthily, not counting his mostly cute stuff in Banjun Dramas and Vacation, I think that he was able to hold his own.  Of course, his co-stars were more seasoned actors and had contributed a lot to the overall delivery of this drama.  I also felt that his role was really fit for him and he wouldn't have much difficulty portraying it. This is a classic story for most of the koreanovelas I have watched.  There was just the slight twist that they had gotten married and divorced when they were still really young.  This is something you will watch if you want to take your mind off reality, get lost in sweet romantic moments, and drool over Max's physique (which has really developed well).

Here is our happy couple, Han Dong Joo (Max) and Lee Da Ji (Yeon Hee), who had gotten married at the age of 19 and 21 respectively (18 and 20 in our calendars).

Did I mention that they look quite good together?  It helps a lot that their heights match a bit, since Max is pretty tall (6'1 I think).  Anyway, they were madly in love, tried to elope, found that they need parental consent to marry, begged their families to allow them to get married, which they were able to do so.  It was lucky that Max's grandpa liked Da Ji, and I think since he is the eldest, what he says goes (per Korean custom).  So they had gotten married, lived a newly-weds life, except for the physical intimacy part (which I am surprised they were able to not do despite living together for 6 months).  Apparently, Dong Joo felt that Da Ji was too young for that and that he respected her too much.  Anyway, their story was fast forwarded to 6 years after (which makes Dong Joo 27 and Daji 25) and each have their own lives already. Da Ji was trying hard to be a vet at a small town in Jeju, while Dong Joo is a spoilt, rich heir and lived his life that way.  Da Ji is the breadwinner for her family (Dad and Little Sis), while Dong Joo was entirely dependent on his grandpa and Dad (and Mom).  As in the fate of all kdrama couples, they had met again, and since their history is not very favorable (I guess the divorce didn't end well), Dong Joo was showing huge amount of resentment during their first reunion.  While Da Ji was very glad to see Dong Joo, Dong Joo preferred to not have met her again.  Let me fast forward the story a bit (and will not digress to involve the nominal roles of 3rd party involvement from both sides), they ended up working a lot together, living together in Da Ji's farm (hence the title) and finding out that they had fallen in love all over again with the same person.  However, this time they are both more mature.  Dong Joo had tried to tease Da Ji, by cornering her and making her feel that he will be kissing her... only to say that as Da Ji mentioned that she is no longer the 19 year old girl, who only knew how to love him, she is an adult now with responsibilities to herself and her family, Dong Joo pointed out that he is also not the bumbling 21 year old man-child who only wanted to love her.  He wants to share her life, and that means everything in her life, which includes her dreams to keep the ranch, be a vet, be a good daughter and sister.

They had once again, ended up kneeling in front of their families, asking them to accept their relationship.  Of course, the elders had objected again, this time with more reason since they have already proven that they can't be together (divorced).  Here is where their maturity shows, asking them to accept their relationship, and promising that they will earn their trust again, and will not get married until they do.  Of course, 2 years after, Grandpa has gotten naughty and egged Dong Joo to go on vacation with Da Ji and  not come back until he is sure that there is a great-grandson... Hehehe...

Well, like I said, it is a pretty feel good story to watch.  Like many dramas, it is not perfect, there are definite points where many critics would have a field day tearing down.  But for me, I had a lot of fun watching it.  I laughed and smiled and squeeled with delight.  And that for me is the point of any drama...

Kdrama Obsession 1

I just recently watched this drama which starred the really pretty Shin Mina, cutie Lee Seung Gi and sexy No Min Woo... and just to emphasize this... I decided to upload this vid here...

Now ladies... after you pick yourselves up off the floor... What did you think?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Favorite Couple 2

Now this couple... I know that they are no longer together as a group, but their bromance and PDA is truly amazing... watch this vid from gwenmin182's channel in youtube:

In all honesty, I don't really see boys act like that toward each other.  I don't see them hold hands... but these boys are really comfortable with each other that they don't seem to care, even if a camera is on them. :-D

YunJae - JaeHo

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Favorite Couple 1


Not only are they both cute, I also think that their friendship is real.  They have gone through a lot together.  They often spend their holidays together too.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Adorably Cute

Starting Here

I have always been an avid reader of other people's blogs.  Specially if they blog about my addiction, which is mostly kpop, jpop, shoes, bags, everything a girl not my age is obsessing about.  I am not really hoping to gain a following on this blog.  I just want a venue to share my thoughts about anything and everything that has caught my attention for the day.  And today, this caught my attention:

Now, girls, pick yourselves up off the floor, wipe that drool and close that mouth... Coz I am pretty sure squealing has ensued when Changmin started running his fingers through his dripping hair or when Yunho was flicking his head to shake water off his hair.

This song, this dance, this stage, is made for us to swoon and wish we were all there...front and center...watching :-)