Friday, August 12, 2011

Kpop Obsession 9 - Kim Jaejoong

A few years ago, as I was incessantly browsing for information about Kim Hyun Joong, I got curious about Kim Jaejoong (when he and Hyun Joong went to Canada together). They were pretty good friends andI started reading up on him and his group (DBSK at the time). I started watching videos, and then I was hooked. I do think that DBSK is a pretty hard group to beat. They are really talented as a team, and they are very easy on the eyes too... Too easy in fact. ^^

At any rate, I started to listen to a lot of Jaejoong's songs, specially the ones that he had written lyrics for and I totally loved Insa (the OST for A Millionaire's First Love). He is really funny to watch when he is doing variety shows. He speaks what is on his mind, which is utterly ridiculous at times yet still adorably cute. He is a talented composer, really great singer, decent dancer (dancing is really not one of his strong points) and he is a good "hyung" to his members Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ). I liked that he stood up for what he believed in and hoped for the best (DBSK split) and I adore that he totally interacts with his fans thru twitter. Now, this is not to say that I am disregarding how he looks, coz you do have to admit, he may not be all that tall, but his face... his arms... abs... chest... pretty much his entire upper body... is soooo HOT! I can't say about the lower parts since I haven't exactly seen that looks like.

Enough spazzing... there is a whole trove of information about on the net and he does have a lot of pics (since they were the most photographed celebs in 2008) on the net so I would suggest you look for info if you are curious and you are sure to like the man. I do recommend that you listen to Insa, Wasurenaide, In Heaven... just a couple of the songs he composed... but if you're into Kpop, and you understand the lyrics (it can be googled if you want English translations)... I'm pretty sure you will love his songs and the man behind it.
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