Monday, August 22, 2011

Currently Watching - Love Buffet and Sunshine Angel

Love Buffet

I would have to admit first that I do have a thing for the Fahrenheit boys (as well as JVKV) from the Taiwanese groups.  JVKV has gotten me started on this whole asian drama thing, (with Vic Zhou playing Huaze Lei) and Wu Zun in his shirtless roles... hahaha.  I also admit that the acting chops of the Fahrenheit boys are not yet very well honed, but I do think they will get there.  They are still young and are more into idol drama roles anyway (wherein we watch more for eye candy than actual plotline and acting chops).  I have just started to watch this and so far... it is very entertaining.

This is another idol drama and I would like to say that Rainie has done a great job in portraying her role here... So did Wu Zun, however, it makes me wonder if he is being typecasted.  His role here is reminiscent of his role in Romantic Princess (ultra rich guy falling for the poor girl, had to cope with being penniless for a while)... Anyway, even if he is, he looks good in the suits, as well as in the baths he takes... hahaha... another one for those who enjoy eye candy... and you would definitely get a toothache from watching this. ^^

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