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DSP Entertainment 2005-2010

SS501 debuted in 2005 with their first single "경고" ("Warning"), with a second single "Snow Prince" released in late 2005. The group was inactive in Korea for most of 2006, although they had a fan meeting in Japan in April. The hiatus was due to Heo Young Saeng's throat condition which required surgery, thus resulting in a need for time to fully recover.In mid-2006, they held their first concert, "Step Up Concert" in Osaka, Japan. In late 2006, they returned to Korea in order to promote their first full album, which was released on November 10. Singles from the album included "Unlock" and "Four Chance". As well as promoting the album on various variety and music shows, they also filmed a show on MNet called SOS. On their 600th day (January 28, 2007), they won the Mutizen award from SBS Inki Gayo for their song "Four Chance".

Later in 2007, the group debuted in the Japanese market. A Japanese fanclub has been established with the name of "Triple S Japan"; it officially debuted on March 25, 2007, when SS501 will had first official meeting with the group. In Korea, their fan club members number around 41,700. The group had a Japanese single "Kokoro", which had multiple versions, including one with all members and five others featuring the members individually. The single debuted at #5 on the Oricon chart.[citation needed] A full album was released later in the year.

In 2008, SS501 returned to Korea with their single Deja Vu released on March 8, 2008. The title track was the first song to be promoted, and they started their comeback on music channel M.Net's M Countdown. After success with their single "Deja Vu", they began to promote their second single, "A Song Calling For You". They performed their Goodbye Stage on Music Bank on June 6th, 2008, to return to Japanese activities.

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong was cast as the F4 member Hanazawa Rui in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, also known as Boys Before Flowers, which is scheduled to be broadcast via KBS 2TV in the first half of 2009 with a total of 25 episodes. According to an official from Group Eight, the production house in charge of the drama, Kim Hyun Joong was selected to play Rui, Ji Hoo (Korean ver.), because he was deemed suited for the character. The decision was based on his performance in the MBC program “We Got Married” where Kim Hyun Joong is being coupled with singer Hwangbo.

On October 2, 2008, an official announcement confirmed Hyun Joong as part of the cast for Boys Before Flowers.

Due to two of the members' busy schedules, Jungmin performing in a musical "Grease" and Hyun Joong filming a drama, SS501's album, originally due for release in late 2008, was to be pushed back to July 2009. Instead, a subgroup SS501 was formed. They initially wanted to use Triple S as their group name but gave up the idea because they think that they are 5 members always as 1 no matter what, so they continued to release a special project album U R Man (released on November 25, 2008) under the name of SS501. Finishing their promotional activities for 'U R Man', they are currently promoting '내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I am stupid)', a song they sang for the OST of 'Boys Before Flowers'. This song is very well-received due to the success of the drama.


Kim Hyun Joong
born June 6, 1986
position is leader, rapper and vocal
talents include dancing, guitar, piano and acting
family consists of his parents and an older brother

Kim Hyunjoong has a unique charm and way of thinking, he tends to make comments that are odd yet funny and surprisingly blunt. Hyunjoong started out playing in a rock band during high school, however when his parents objected to his grades falling he ran away to follow his dream, eventually auditioning and being selected to join the group. As Hyunjoong and fellow member Hyungjun have such similar names Hyunjoong is often referred to as “Leader” to help prevent confusion. Another nickname of his is dog, given to him by Jungmin in revenge for calling him horse. Hyunjoong gets along well with his fellow members though it's been admitted that he has an awkward relationship with Youngsaeng, who he had shared a room with since debut. His best friends outside of the group are T.O.P. of Big Bang and Yoochun and Jaejoong of Dong Bang Shin Ki while he is good friends with various other famous stars.

During the variety show “Thank You For Waking Us Up” it is seen that he is a very deep sleeper who can sleep through fire alarms and cell phones. To pass the time when Hyunjoong was bored during SS501's stay in Japan he started writing short stories about himself and Jungmin and posted them online for fans to read. In an interview about the stories he related a funny incident in which he jokingly wrote a letter to Jungmin apologizing for not being able to love him then a staff member found it and misunderstood their relationship, embarrassing both of the men. Hyunjoong loves rock music and wishes to be able to perform it in the future and he loves guitars so much that he spent days looking for rare ones while in Japan.

After focusing on acting lessons Hyunjoong started his acting career in the drama Boys Over Fowers. The drama's explosive popularity has not only brought more attention and recognition to himself and his group but also made him a very sought after commodity for commercials. He is very appreciative of his fans, even going to unusual lengths to show his appreciation such as creating an event to watch the last episode of the drama with fans that he paid for himself including transportation from the airport for foreign fans. Hyunjoong is not just the first member of the group to try acting but also the first member to release a solo digital single entitled “Thank You”, showcasing a surprising and impressive improvement vocal-wise.

Solo songs:
Komatta (Thank You)
Thing Called Happiness
Please be nice to me

Notable roles:
host of MBC's Music Core with Brian Joo (2006)
partnered with Hwangbo in semi-reality show “We Got Married” (2008)
co-starred in popular drama “Boys Over Flowers” as Yoon Ji Hoo (2009)
starred in "Playful Kiss" as Baek Sung Jo (2010)
featured in Eru's “Black Glasses” music video and Gummy's "As a Man" music video
various commercials for Hotsun Chicken, Samsung AnyCall Haptic, Tony Moly and clothing brands

Heo Young Saeng
born November 3, 1986
position is lead high vocal
talents include singing, piano
family is just him and his parents

Heo Youngsaeng's vocal is the backbone of SS501's songs, impressive in its strength and sweet clarity. Youngsaeng started out as a trainee with SM Entertainment where he was friends with members of many of the label's popular groups. For an unspecified reason he decided to take his chances elsewhere and on the advice of a friend auditioned for DSP and gained admittance to the group. Specifically it is known that he is still good friends with Siwon and Yehsung of Super Junior and Jaejoong and Yunho of DBSK. Youngsaeng has also stated that he admires Lee Minwoo of Shinhwa and hopes to follow in his footsteps. Not long after SS501 had debuted it was announced that Youngsaeng had developed a problem with his vocal chords that required surgery and a period of rest, at the time he had been co-hosting the radio show Youngstreet with fellow member Jungmin so Kyujong took his place.

Youngsaeng is mostly quiet, preferring to let everyone else do the talking. In interviews it is obvious that he suffers from a lack of self confidence stating once that he didn't like his voice and wished it were manlier. Yet he loves to take pictures of himself, perhaps a habit picked up from his SM days. His nickname in the group is “Otter” which was something he didn't like because he didn't know what it was. However once he looked it up he thought otters were cute so he didn't mind being called that anymore. He has been called Dr. Love by the other members because of his impressive knowledge of girls and also Prince by his fans. When Youngsaeng thinks the camera isn't on him he will slack off with his dancing. He can be really cute when he relaxes during performances, giving fans bright smiles and v signs.

Solo songs:
Hajimete Miru Sora Datta
Is It Love?
Nameless Memory
I love you... I'm Sorry

Notable roles:
co-dj for SBS's Youngstreet radio program (2006)
member of sub-unit (2009)

Kim Kyu Jong
born February 24, 1987
position is high low vocal
talents include dancing, magic tricks
family is made up of parents and one younger sister

Kim Kyujong is considered the center of the group because he is usually the most calm and well behaved of the members and therefore the peacekeeper, though he has a mischievous side too. He used to be really shy and kept to the background but recently has come out of his shell, showing a lot more confidence and personality. Kyujong is a country boy that is sometimes teased when he slips back into his country accent. Jungmin gave him the nickname “Eagle” though it is rarely used. Kyujong is a fan of NEWS's Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) and has expressed his admiration for the jpop idol in Japanese interviews. He has also revealed his interest in acting in dramas or musicals like his fellow members.

Besides that Kyujong likes magic tricks and is fond of bugs. Yuck.

Solo songs:
Never Let You Go
Wuss Up

Park Jung Min
born April 3, 1987
position is low vocal
talents are singing, dancing, acting and tap-dancing

Park Jungmin is most known for his violent and fabulous ways and referring to himself as 'Sexy Charisma'. He started out as a VJ before becoming a member of the group. Jungmin was nicknamed “Horse” because of his love for carrots and his hair was somewhat mane-like. This lead to the other members calling his room “the stall”, neighing at him and even changing the lyrics to a well known song to include the name Park Jung Mal (mal being the Korean word for horse). He gave the rest of the group animal nicknames like dog, otter and eagle in revenge. Jungmin has the deepest voice in the group and is one of its best dancers. He likes to do the dances of female singers including Lee Hyori's “Get Ya” and he does them well. Out of all the members he is probably the most confident, he is a great host that always has something witty to say. Jungmin was the first one to master learning Japanese and took great delight in flaunting it. However to his embarrassment Jungmin discovered about a year after debuting that he had been pronouncing his own group's name wrong. Jungmin is very playful albeit in a rough way, tousling and fighting with the other boys when there's nothing else to do or if he just wants to annoy someone, he especially likes to pick on the baby of the group Hyungjun. He is most violent when someone is trying to wake him up, once even biting Hyunjoong's hand.

During high school Jungmin enjoyed volunteering and continued to do so after the debut of SS501 although not as much as he used to, something that he regrets but he does it when he can and has gotten the rest of the group interested in volunteering too. Jungmin was the last member to get his driver's license because he never had the time to take the driving test until recently, passing it with a perfect score on the written part and finally being able to buy his own car. On the other hand Jungmin is the first member to be part of a musical, successfully starring in the lead role of “Grease”.

Solo songs:

Notable roles:
co-dj for SBS's Youngstreet (2006)
MC for cultural heritage show “74434” (2008?)
starred as Danny in the musical “Grease” (2009)

Kim Hyung Jun
born August 3, 1987
position is high vocal, rap
talents are dancing, rapping, composing songs
family includes parents and younger brother

Kim Hyungjun is the youngest member of the group and often referred to as “Baby” due to his name and Hyunjoong's being so similar. He was the first to be selected to be in SS501 and has had the longest training at DSP. Hyungjun is the member with the most energy and frequently gets beaten up by Jungmin for various reasons. As he matured over the years he has shed his baby image for more of a cool guy one. Yet his newfound manly side can't hide his sweet one as he mentors younger brother Kibum (formerly of XING and now in U-Kiss) and shows up at fan events to support the group.

Hyungjun has always been interested in composing and writing his own songs, gaining attention and praise when he sang one of the songs he wrote on a radio program. As a member of the sub-unit he was able to compose his own solo song and he has also been featured in songs by other artists. With the interest in his work rising Hyungjun has teamed up with his brother to compose songs that may eventually make him as well known for being a songwriter as he is as a member of SS501. Despite the tight schedule of the sub-unit he has also become the DJ for a new music radio program.

Solo songs:
Sayonara ga Dekinai
I Am
Men From Mars, Women From Venus

Notable roles:
member of sub-unit (2009)
dj of radio program “SS501 Music High” on SBS Power FM (2009)
MC for god of cookery

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